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1. In policy titles, what do "B" and "Dummy" mean?

"B" indicates "Brief" with a link to older policy documents.  "Dummy" is a placeholder for a Brief/Policy not yet uploaded.

2. Why do I have to go back to the old RPM to read some policies?

Conversion of all the Laboratory policies into the wiki format is an enormous project.  We believe the improvements that the wiki-RPM offer outweigh the temporary incompleteness. Be sure to use your Browser's back-arrow to return to the wiki-RPM.

3. Because this RPM is on a wiki-platform, does this mean the document is changeable by anyone?

No. We adopted the wiki approach for the RPM because it brings many benefits (such as change tracking, auto A-to-Z) not found in the html-based web. The RPM is a legal document and is subject to the controls mandated by the Laboratory's Document Management policy and process.

4. I am a Subject Matter Expert responsible for a policy. How do I obtain a copy to modify?

Contact your Division's Assurance Manager or the Requirements Management Program Manager at [email protected].

5. I want a hardcopy of a policy - how do I print?

Go to View/This Page/Export to PDF. You can also use your Browser to print (right-click or dropdown menu). Printing via Browser will yield ONLY the tab you are viewing (either Brief or Policy or Document Information). Remember that any printed or exported versions are not official.

6. The Glossary seems awfully short.  Why?

We are building the Glossary as the policies are being converted into wiki format.   We eventually will include a Glossary A-to-Z.

7. What's the difference between the "published date" found in the policy and "latest update" date found next to the policy title in the A-to-Z? 

During this conversion period, we often return to an uploaded policy page to correct inadvertent errors.  Every edit, even though the policy meaning has not changed, is recorded by the wiki application and displayed as "latest update".  In due time, we expect the frequency of correction activities associated with transitioning from the old RPM to this wiki-RPM to decrease dramatically.  When we reach a steady state, the "latest update" date will be close to if not the same as the "published date".  Note that of most importance  is the "effective date".

(More to come. Send suggestions to [email protected]. Thank you!)

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