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Weld Shop

Contact: Tim Williams (510) 486-5902

The Weld Shop is fully equipped to handle welding fabrication projects both large and small. Typical materials welded include steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Processes include:

• SMAW (Stick welding)
• GTAW (Tungsten Torch welding)
• GMAW (Wire Feed welding)
• Oxy/Acetylene
• Carbon Arc Plasma Cutting

The shop’s equipment includes:
• Marvel Automatic cut-off saw
• Shear
• Iron Worker
• Marvel Bandsaw
• Large Bandsaw
• MIG welders
• TIG welders
• Plasma Arc Cutting
• Rolls

Typical welded fabrications include beamline component support stands, piping systems, brackets, overhead support structures and rail-mount transport systems.

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