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Weld Shop

Contact: Kris Pearson x5904 or Ryan Hussey x5902

The Weld Shop is fully equipped to handle welding fabrication projects both large and small. Typical materials welded include steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Processes include:

• SMAW (Stick welding)
• GTAW (Tungsten Torch welding)
• GMAW (Wire Feed welding)
• Oxy/Acetylene
• Carbon Arc Plasma Cutting

The shop’s equipment includes:
• Marvel Automatic cut-off saw
• Shear
• Iron Worker
• Marvel Bandsaw
• Large Bandsaw
• MIG welders
• TIG welders
• Plasma Arc Cutting
• Rolls

Typical welded fabrications include beamline component support stands, piping systems, brackets, overhead support structures and rail-mount transport systems.

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