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Vacuum Braze

Contact: Rick Kraft 510 486-6090

The vacuum braze furnace is used to join simple and complex assemblies in vacuum at high temperatures. Braze joints meet vacuum and thermal requirements. The staff will assist with the selection of braze filler metal, joint design, and assembly design to meet braze and application requirements. We recommend that designers, engineers, and experimentalists consult with staff before parts fabrication to insure proper joint design for brazing. All brazed parts are He leak checked after brazing to check for joint integrity.

Brazed ceramic to copper and stainless steel to copper assembly

In addition to vacuum brazing, we offer the following services:
• Vacuum heat treat
• Vacuum anneal

  • Al metal, Cu metal, Mu metal are examples
    • Vacuum bake
  • For UHV
    • Vacuum de-gas
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