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Sheet Metal Shop

Contact: Kris Pearson x5904 or Ryan Hussey x5902

The Sheet Metal Shop performs specialized sheet metal work for research and development experimental equipment. The Sheet Metal Shop is available to handle precision cutting, forming and joining of thin materials. Equipped with several press brakes, shears, punches, forming rolls, nibblers and a spot welder, the Sheet Metal Shop can handle forming and joining of a wide variety of materials including steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, tantalum, titanium and others.

The shop is also equipped with a modular weld fixturing table that allows for set-up and workholding of complex assemblies without the requirement for special tooling.

An inert-atmosphere, glove-box welding system is also available that allows for very delicate welds in a clean atmosphere.

A metal spinning lathe is available for fabrication of relatively thin, axially symmetric parts such as hemispheres, radii, cones, cylinders and more complex shapes consisting of combinations of the basic shapes.

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