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Plating & UHV Cleaning

Contact Chris Redding or Dennis Paiva 510 486 7660

The Ultra High Vacuum Cleaning Facility provides the following services:

  • UHV Cleaning - Components are cleaned for use in Ultra High Vacuum environments. The process is dependent on the substrate.
  • De-Greasing - A general cleaning process that removes heavy soils from components of many materials.
  • Steam Cleaning - For large components the UHV Cleaning Facility offers steam cleaning. Parts can be cleaned up to UHV specifications.
  • Caustic Etching - A process for aluminum alloys that removes oxidation and surface contaminants. This leaves a satin finish on the aluminum.
  • Bright Dipping - A process for copper alloys that removes oxidation and surface contaminants. This leaves a bright clean finish on the material.
  • Electro-Polishing - A electrolytic process that removes surface material from the substrate to produce a bright finish. Can be used on copper, Stainless steel and aluminum components.
  • Anodizing - A electrolytic process for aluminum that converts the surface to aluminum oxide. This process provides good wear resistance and excellent cosmetic properties for aluminum components. We currently offer black, blue and gold for color choices.
  • Gold Iridite - A immersion process for aluminum that leaves a chromate film on the component which eliminates oxidation and acts as an excellent primer for painting as well.

Please contact UHV Cleaning Facility personnel for size and weight considerations

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