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Contact: Rick Kraft, 510 486-6090
The core mission of the shops is to provide a high quality, technically advanced, comprehensive, and diverse mechanical manufacturing resource to the scientific Divisions and user Facilities of the Laboratory. The shops provide a level and convenience of service not available from commercial vendors.

The services are provided to customers who desire a "turnkey" performance based on complete engineering drawing packages as well as to those who wish to have "walk-in" services where simple hand-drawn sketches or verbal instructions are provided to define the requested work. Work can be accommodated that has a range of schedule requirements from same-day quick response all the way to long lead fabrication work. Customers can receive advice and consultation on fabrication processes in addition to both reliable costing and schedule information. New processes can be developed to meet the needs of the Laboratory research programs. Easy and timely access to trained shop personnel and equipment is provided. Customers have the ability to exercise a high level of control and oversight resulting from the convenience of easy access to facilities, and equipment, and direct communication with trained personnel. The physical size of work that can be performed varies from large assemblies that can span tens of feet, all the way to precision components that measure fractions of an inch and have tolerances measured in microns.

Work is performed on a not-for-profit basis, the costs to customers are maintained within the shop estimate plus contingency and scheduled work is delivered on-time. Through efficient use of Laboratory resources the charges to customers are controlled to be cost effective for the services that are rendered.

Also provided within the central shop facilities are resources for technology staff that are assigned to a Laboratory Scientific Division. Both workspace and machine tools are provided for use by technologists. Technologists who are between programmatic assignments to a scientific Division may be assigned work in the central shops.

The Shops do not compete with private industry and easily fabricated or production quantity components should be procured through private vendors.

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