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Main Machine Shop

Contact: Kris Pearson or Rick Kraft 510 486-5904

• The Shops have numerous CNC milling machines with x/y/z travels ranging from 500mm x 300mm x 300mm to 2500mm x 2000mmm x 1000mm and spindle speeds up to 50K RPM.
• Precision milling and drilling of feature sizes from ~10 micrometers to over 2 meters and component masses up to 16,000 kilograms.
• Two of our milling machines provide for simultaneous 3-axis motion, while also allowing for positioning in two additional axes (referred to as 3+2 machining). This feature allows for machining on multiple facets in a single set-up, thereby reducing set-up and fixturing costs.
• One of our larger milling machines is equipped with a very precise rotary fourth axis and another machine with a rotary/trunnion attachment allowing for up to five axes of simultaneous motion.
• We have a purpose-built, high-speed, high precision, five-axis machining center capable of producing extremely complex, small, precise features with very fine surface finishes.
• Two CNC lathes allow precision turning of components from ~25 micrometers to 700mm diameter and lengths to 600mm.
• Live tooling turning provides capability to add typically milled features such as holes, pockets, counter-bores and grooves both radially and axially in cylindrical parts, all in one set-up.
• The Shop's Flow CNC Waterjet shape cutting machine can quickly and relatively accurately cut a wide range of materials from cardboard to glass in sizes up to 2 meters X 4 meters and up to 200mm thick. Unlike laser or plasma machines, the waterjet produces no heat-affected zone near the cut surfaces. Due to environmental concerns, the Shops will not cut some materials on the machine, most notably copper.
• The shop's two Wire EDM machines are available for producing intricate features of high precision and fine finish in various materials, including metals with very high hardness factors. Wire EDM requires the workpiece material conduct electricity.
• The Shop's Sinker or Ram EDM is capable of producing high aspect ratio features of very high precision and in very fine finishes. Features that would not be possible to produce using conventional cutting tools.
• The Shops also have an extensive compliment of conventional machine tools including large surface grinders, Bullard type turning machines with capacities for turning up to nearly two meters diameter, a pipe lathe with a 250mm headstock bore, numerous grinders, lathes and milling machines.

Major machine tool capacities


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