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Commissioning is a quality assurance strategy intended to maximize the probability that systems are designed, installed, functionally tested, and capable of being operated and maintained according to the Facilities Operations’ and Users’ operational needs.

The LBNL Facilities Division uses two processes for Commissioning. For projects with a budget of

$5 million and up, the Project Manager follows the requirements of DOE Order 413.3B.

For projects with a budget of $5 million and below, LBNL Facilities has a defined Commissioning Process that shall be followed (refer to external document Commissioning Process: Standard Operating Procedure). This process can make use of Internal Commissioning Authorities (iCxA) and outside commissioning consultants depending on the project scope and commissioning level of risk/rigor.

As part of Commissioning, Facilities Operations staff shall provide assistance and in some cases, sole and shared responsibility to perform many of the following tasks during commissioning:

  • Field observation of commissioning activities.
  • Witnessing startup.
  • Oversee and document functional testing.
  • Witnessing functional testing and certifications. 

EHS subject matter experts test and certify: hoods, biological safety cabinets, gas cabinets, eyewashes/showers, pressurization, etc., per the Interface Policy between EHS and Facilities: Project Support (refer to Appendix I).

The LBNL Fire Marshall or designer shall witness Fire and Life Safety System testing and approve if the system functions correctly. The Fire Marshall reviews test results and documents (i.e., NFPA) and accepts if correct to confirm beneficial occupancy readiness.

The commissioning process shall include a review of electrical energization according to the LBNL Electrical Authority Having Jurisdiction: Standard Procedure for Safe Electrical Installations throughout all relevant phases of the project. This process shall include a review of the scope of work as defined in Division 01, Section 019113, General Commissioning Requirements Supplement 3, Check and Testing Responsibility Tables.