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The Science-IT program supports the mission of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory by providing information technology (IT) capabilities and consulting support to science and technical programs. This support is provided either directly via staff and resources aligned with the Science-IT Department, or in coordination with staff and resources from other Departments & Groups within the IT-Division.

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Science Service Offerings

  • Consulting and Training: We provide a “high-touch” support model that attempts to identify science user project lifecycle needs, and to assist science efforts by ensuring users have access to whatever IT resources they need, regardless of whether they are provided organically by LBL or not. Depending on the customer, we use either an embedded support or a consulting model to provide research IT expertise to scientific programs.  

  • High Performance Compute (HPC): Support for large scale compute resources is provided by the Science Services HPC team. We maintain, grow, and support the Lawrencium & Savio clusters, and we also support procurement, administration and management of server and storage resources around the lab. 

  • Science General Support: Through our Scientific Virtual Machine (SVM) service, we provide access to highly reliable, customizable compute resources on-demand that are suitable for simulation, data analytics, and other scientific applications.  Our SVM service supports automatic synchronization of libraries and applications used on Lawrencium, allowing users to easily develop codes that will perform at HPC scale as needed. We also provide access to all Google Cloud Platform & Amazon Web Services capabilities via LBL Master Payer contracts, and support for experimental IT architecture design, research library support, and many other services.

  • Data Management & Storage: We support a number of storage options depending on latency, access, and data workflow needs, and provide scientific data management design and implementation support.  Existing, or in process of deployment, resources include: 

    • A scratch file-system supporting HPC

    • Access to the full set of AWS, GCP and GSuite hot and cold storage offerings, including free Globus-to-GDrive connectivity

    • High speed, highly reliable project storage

    • High speed data transfer and cache between on- and off- premises storage via a dedicated flash memory component (AvereFXT)

    • Unlimited Google Drive storage

    • Unlimited endpoint data back-up

    • Access to the Lawrencium Storage Condo to meet dedicated project needs

    • And many more options for transfer & archiving, connectivity to external resources (NERSC, SDSC, UCB, etc) via our Data DMZ and Data Transfer Nodes

If you want further information regarding Science IT and our services, send an email to [email protected].