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Android devices seem to allow a password update to the network profile (without deleting the network profile like in the other types of devices). The steps may vary slightly from device to device. The screenshots below are from a Nexus 6 tablet.

1Find the Wi-Fi network. For example, on the Google Nexus 7, it is a drag-down from the right-hand side of the top bar. Do a Long Press on the Wi-Fi name, EDUROAM, until the choice to Modify network appears. (A short press opens a different screen).
2Tap on Modify network.

On the Password line, enter your new password. Close the keyboard, and tap Save.

Note: The Nexus 6's Identity field as shown is correct, "mstone13". However, your Android device may require your entire Berkeley Lab username with the "" text, "". You may need to try both formats.

4Select the eduroam network to confirm that the connection is successful.



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