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What is LabALert?

LabAlert is the mass notification system used to notify lab employees of emergency events and may be used for personnel accountability. The system can notify large groups of people through text messages, emails, or phone calls.

How do I add my cell phone to LabAlert?

LabAlert is automatically provided with your work phone and your work email when you become a lab employee, but adding your cellular information must be done manually.  In order to receive emergency notifications via text message or mobile phone call:

  • Go to
  • Login (if you need to) with your LBNL Username/Password.
  • Click "edit" in the upper right-hand corner to add additional contact information.

LabAlert text messages will come from 89361 and phone calls will come from 510-486-6288.

Why would I join LabAlert?

In case of an emergency, the Lab will send out text messages with important information. While the PA system and email systems will also be utilized, opting in for text messages increases the chances that you'll get the emergency message wherever you are, and unlike an email, you may investigate the text message sooner.  

Will I receive any solicitations?

No. The service you are registering for is just used for emergency notifications only. We'll also send test messages every once in a while (not every month). Your information is protected in an encrypted cloud-based system with a vendor who provides this service to institutions all over the world. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Are there any costs?

There are no service charges to the user, the system is paid for and maintained by Security and Emergency Services.  Your cellular phone provider may depend on your mobile plan, and charge you a fee for any text message that you receive. Many plans include a number of free text messages each month. If you are charged for each message, these charges are typically ten to twenty cents per message. Check with your provider if you're concerned. Again only messages for testing and emergencies will be sent to you, which should be rare. So any charges will be minimal and remember you can unsubscribe at any time if you wish.

What's the relationship between UCB's WarnMe service and LBNL LabAlert?

They fulfill the same function but are separate and distinct services for the two institutions - with different messages. Emergency Management at LBNL will use the contact information from LabAlert to contact employees, and UCB will use the contact information from WarnMe.

If you frequently work on campus or are just interested in getting their alerts as well, and you have a CalnetID, we encourage you to join their service too.

Need to reach to us:

Please refer to Berkeley Lab Security & Emergency Services (SES) contact page.

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