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ChromeOS is a Linux kernel-based operating system designed by Google to run on Chromebooks, a thin client. The screenshots below were taken from a Samsung ChromeBook.

1On your ChromeOS device, verify Wi-Fi is turned On, and you must be within LBL's eduroam network. 

In a browser, go to and click on the blue bar (that works like a button) to start the process to download the installer. eduroam CAT


eduroam CAT
3Select "Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory" to identify which eduroam configuration you need.
4The browser can detect which device you are using and navigate you to the correct CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool) version that you need. Here, we see "Chrome OS" was selected.

Click on the blue bar that serves as a button to download the installer,

Note the text below the bar, "After downloading the file, open the Chrome browser and browse to this URL: chrome://net-internals/#chromeos. Then, use the 'Import ONC file' button. The import is silent; the new network definitions will be added to the preferred networks."

Click the "Continue" button.

6This is the screen when the download is complete.
7Go to the browser and type into the URL field the following text, "chrome://net-internals/#chromeos" to set the Chromebook configuration.
8Click on "Choose File" to import the ONC file.
9Select the downloaded file. In this instance, "eduroam-chromeos-LBNL.onc". Note, there will be NO INDICATION on the screen that this was successful. This is OK.
10Click the WiFi icon, , in the lower right-hand corner of the Chromebook.
11Select "eduroam" as your network to connect for verification.
12Enter your username in the "Identity" field and your password in the "Password" field.
13You should connect successfully to the LBL eduroam network.