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IT Spotlight

Berkeley Lab IT
Information Technology
Windows and Microsoft Office Update Alert
All Windows and Microsoft Office users: Microsoft has released several critical patches this month. So, remember to allow your computer to update and restart when prompted. It is very important to install these critical patches to protect your computer. Windows Update Guidance: Microsoft releases Monthly Updates (patches) to keep your computer as secure as possible. […]
User-Level Apps Emails (Pexels and LinkedIn)
Zoom recently sent out a notification to all Lab Zoom users indicating the Pexels and LinkedIn apps were approved. Although this is a legitimate message from Zoom, the message should not have gone out to all users at the Lab.
Microsoft Update May Affect Network Attached Storage (Condo-Storage)
Microsoft will be rolling out a new fix in July 2022 for a vulnerability found in CVE-2021-42287. If the vulnerability is successfully exploited, this could lead to the disclosure of sensitive information, modification of data, administration takeover, or Denial of Service (DoS). Microsoft’s fix may impact the following NAS, but not limited to: NetApp, Hitachi, […]
Update Computers for Return to Work
The number one recommendation by IT professionals and Berkeley Lab Cyber Security is to keep computers up-to-date. We strongly encourage running Microsoft or Apple updates on any computers which have been turned off for some time.  Computer vulnerabilities are continually emerging and devices that have been powered off can get behind on updates. You may […]
Chrome App End of Life Support
For users that use Chrome Apps on Chromebook and other devices, Google will be ending support for Chrome Apps. Google will continue to support Chrome Extensions.  If you are an app developer and have any Chrome apps that may need migration, see the Chrome Apps migration site. See the table below for the timeline: Scheduled […]
Critical Windows Updates Must Be Installed
Berkeley Lab IT has released Microsoft’s latest updates for Windows, which contain patches for critical security vulnerabilities. One of these, CVE-2022-26809, has been identified by the Cyber Security group as a mandatory update. As such, all Windows systems at the Lab MUST be updated and may be blocked from the network if they are out of […]
macOS Monterey is unblocked! But wait!
Hold on! Before you rush to upgrade, here are the things to do: MacOS Monterey compatibility: Find out if your device will work with macOS Monterey Software that works on macOS Big Sur with M1 or Intel Chipset should work with macOS Monterey. Software Compatibility for macOS Big Sur on M1 Chipset Software compatibility for […]
Seeing The message “Your connection is not private”
Do not be alarmed if you are getting the message “Your connection is not private”. The related IT team is working to resolve the issue. In the meantime click Advanced and click Proceed to (Unsafe) and accept the risk to continue. Feel free to reach out to IT if you have any questions. You can contact our IT support staff […]
Safety First – No Walk-ins
Author: Tap L You Must Have an Appointment         Due to the current state of COVID, keeping everyone healthy and safe is the Lab’s highest priority. With that in mind, Berkeley Lab IT Support services will not accept any walk-ins. All visits are by appointment only until further notice. You can set up an appointment […]
Inventory Check Time – Install BigFix
During the 2022 Wall-to-Wall inventory campaign, install BigFix to certify the existence of DOE tagged assets. Any DOE-barcoded system running BigFix will automatically be verified for inventory purposes, without the barcode being scanned. This saves tremendous time for property reps and staff. Approximately 4,600 DOE assets have been accounted for within the first week of […]

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