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The IT Division provides several services for Web Publishing and Web Hosting Services.

For largely static Web pages, laboratory groups can host their sites on  

Relatively simple collaborative sites can be published with Google Sites.  

Web sites can also be published using Commons (which is where you're reading this now).

The Laboratory Public Affairs group also provides consulting as well as implementation services on the use of Wordpress.


News and Commentary

Blog stream

Create a blog post to share news and announcements with your team and company.

Getting Started

Contact the IT Helpdesk at 486-4357 or go to the IT Help Desk Web site to get started. The Helpdesk can also help direct you to the best Web-hosting service to meet your needs.

For Google Sites, please visit the Google Sites Service Pages.



For technical support, please call the IT Help Desk at 486-4357 or go to the IT Help Desk Web site.

Recently Updated

As you and your team create content this area will fill up and display the latest updates.

Related Services

Google Sites


The service is part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Resource Kit and is provided to all employees and affiliates at no recharge.