Voice and Value in IT

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Beginning in the spring of 2014, IT leadership reviewed and assessed the data collected through the 2013 UC Climate Survey, and formulated ideas for making IT an even better place to work. We did this work because we believe that inclusion benefits all of us by creating a more diverse, equitable and creative environment. The result of this effort was the launch of Voice and Value in IT.

Voice: Fostering Open Communications

Why?  All of us need to feel empowered to speak up, about anything AND to anyone. If you have an issue, or an idea, you should absolutely feel comfortable coming to speak with the Division Director/CIO about it, one of the deputies, your department head, or your group lead. And, since we are physically diffused across the Lab, we need more chances to come together to know who we each are.


  • Get in touch however works best for you (e-mail, chat, in-person, etc.). Or you can take advantage of the new anonymous suggestion box through which ideas can flow on any topic (relevant to the business of IT, of course). This is anonymous, but of course if you prefer to use snail (interoffice) mail, feel free.

  • Pop-up Socializing: The Division will hold periodic social events as a way to more casually gather as a group. Getting together for the holiday party and the summer picnic are great opportunities to exchange ideas and get to better know one another, but maybe twice a year isn’t enough.

Value: Recognizing the Contributions of Others

(blue star)  Recognize a colleague in IT 

Why?  We are doing great work in IT and have incredible staff throughout. But it’s important that more people get recognized more often to help us celebrate workplace excellence.


Re-thinking Spot Awards: Our Spot award budget is limited, but we don't take advantage of what we do have more broadly across groups/departments and for the small actions that make big differences in your work.  We’d like to do more to encourage people to reach out and learn more about what others are doing all across IT. For example, you might nominate someone from another IT department who went above and beyond in helping you or others learn about an unfamiliar process or system at the Lab, or delivered outstanding customer service, within or outside of IT.   And to make it simple, all you need to do is fill out this google form with a few simple sentences to describe the action of your colleague that you’d like recognized.  We’ll manage the rest, and will use this space to highlight the award recipients, and what they did to earn it.

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