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Softphone Features

To place a call:
Enter 4-digit extension or “9” plus external telephone number.  Click on green Dial icon.

To receive a call:
Click on green Dial phone icon.  You will be connected to the caller.

To disconnect a call:
Click on the red Hang Up phone icon.  The call will be disconnected.

Voice Mail:
The envelope icon indicates that you have a new voice mail message.  To listen to your messages, dial ext. 7100 and then enter your extension and password.  The icon will disappear once you have listened to your new messages.

Click the Hold button to place a call on hold. You can place a second call by pressing the line 2 button To return to the held call, click the Hold button again.

Click the Redial button to redial the last internal or external number called.

Do Not Disturb:
Click the DND button to place the phone in Do Not Disturb.  Incoming calls will not ring on the softphone when activated.  Click DND again to deactivate.

Click XFER, enter the transfer-to extension, and click XFER again. The call is transferred to the new extension. (Note: transfer only works on USB stick version.)

3-way Conference:
Place your first party on hold by clicking on the Hold icon.  Click on Line 2 and call your second party.  After connecting with your second party, click on the Conf button for all 3 parties to be connected.  When you hang up, the conference ends for all parties on the call.

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