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STE Conference Call

A Conference Call can include up to seven parties, up to three of whom can be external to the Laboratory.  A conference call must include one LBNL user at all times.  The initial call is made in the usual way.  If you accidentally get disconnected from the conference, you may rejoin only if another member of the conference calls you.  To leave a conference, hang up.

To add your first and second party:

  1. Dial your first party (include “9” for external parties).
  2. Press switch hook
  3. You should hear “Enter, Enter.”
  4. Press # 1.
  5. Dial your second party.
  6. Press switch hook
  7. You should hear “Enter, Enter.”
  8. Press # 1.
  9. All parties are now connected.

    To add third through seventh parties:

  10. Press the switch hook
  11. You should hear “Enter, Enter.”
  12. Press # 1.
  13. You should hear dial tone.
  14. Dial the phone number to be added to the conference.
  15. Press the switch hook.
  16. You should hear “Enter, Enter.”
  17. Press # 1.
  18. The party should be added to the conference.

To place a conference on hold:

  1. Press the switch hook.
  2. You should hear, “Enter, Enter.”
  3. Press # 1.
  4. You should hear the dial tone.
  5. Hang up.

To reactivate a conference that has been put on hold OR if busy, unanswered, or wrong number:

  1. Lift the handset.
  2. You should hear, “Conference. Conference.”
  3. Press # 1.
  4. The conference should be reactivated.

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