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Archives and Records Office

Rates dependent on what records processing services are required, depending on the specific needs of each project.

A/V Services (50, 54, 66 Auditoriums), Videoconferencing and Streaming

A/V Hours: Regular A/V hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Any labor performed outside these hours will incur overtime charges ($150/hour).

AV services are recharged based on a flat rate of $100/hr. Equipment is not charged.

Streaming is charged per hour, includes technician monitoring stream for duration. ($100/hr)

  • A/V person present at your event for setup/breakdown is a minimum charge of one hour.
  • Any request for full staffing (AV technician remains for duration of event) will be charged a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Rush Charge: Setup/breakdown requests made with less than 48 business hours' advance notice will be billed at double time. Full staffing requests made with less than a two week advance notice will be billed at double time.
    • Note: We may not be able to support emergency requests due to existing staff commitments.
  • Weekend Charge: Minimum labor charge for weekend days is four hours (and depends upon staff availability).
  • Damaged Property: Requestors take full responsibility to replace equipment/property that is damaged/lost/stolen during the rental use.


Backup options are here.

Cellular Phone Service: Calling Plans

All cellular users are included in either an AT&T or Verizon Wireless pooled minute plan.  Individuals are recharged the percentage of minutes they used in the pooled minute plan.  Night/weekend and mobile-to-mobile minutes are unlimited.  Cellular requests require the approval of your Division Director, Deputy Division Director, or Division Director's Designate.  To  view all cellular phones and their specifications please visit the Telephone Service Center Cellular Calling Plans and Equipment page.

Cellular Phone Service: PDA Phones

Telephone Services recommends that PDA users sign up for an unlimited data plan along with their cellular phone service.  To view all PDA phones and their specifications please visit the Telephone Services PDA Phones page.

Common Internet File System (CIFS)

There is no charge for this service.


There is no charge for this service.

Co-location (rack space rental)

$100 per rackspace per month. Exception if rack fully populated with an HPC cluster or if it is a rack that uses more than a standard size - $125/rack.

Computer Training Room Rental

A half-day session is $80. A full day is $160. If two groups wish to split a day, the cost can be shared. Cancellation must be at least seven days in advance for a refund.

DNS - Domain Name Service

  • Submission of domain name request and activation: Approximately $200
  • Domain renewal: Approximately $100 for a five-year renewal

Network Cables and Switches

LBLnet Services Group :: Price List for Parts & Services

Network Jack Services
To order this service, complete the on-line request form.
10/100/1000BASE-T installation
* Gigabit ports are not available in every building. Email for availablilty.
approximately $100
(reflects time & materials)
plus cat 5 cable pull (if necessary) Time & materials charges

Wireless Access Point Installations
For a detailed explanation of the charges please click here.
FIRST wireless in the building $ 1241.80
Wireless already exists in the building $ 781.80

Non-LBL Domain Registration
Submission of Domain Name Request and Activation approximately $200
(reflects time & registrar charges)
Domain Renewal approximately $100
for a 5 year renewal.
(reflects time & registrar charges)

Network parts
5-port and 8-port switches and cat 5e cables in 10', 15', 25' and 50'
Call the help desk (x4357) to create a ticket to purchase items. Items will will be delivered within 1 business day. Customers can also pick up these parts in building 46, room 125.

Network Consulting and Advice

NTP - Network Time Protocol

  • This service is overhead-funded.

Operations Desktop Support

Primary workstation: For Operations staff (except Engineering), ODS provides the primary workstation at no cost.  At the end of the lifespan of the primary computer, the program will replenish the workstation with a new computer.  Lifespan currently lasts 4 years for desktops and 3 for laptops. In addition, ODS will replace the workstation without cost, if it should wear out before its lifespan elapses.  The program covers the standard load of software on the primary computer. It provides support for all of the workstations in Operations, not just the primary ones.

Additional hardware: Additional hardware, such as a secondary monitor, is not provided by the program and requires a project ID. If you want enhancements beyond the standard hardware platform, such as more memory, or a larger monitor than the program provides, you must provide an project ID to cover the difference. The program also does not provide hardware and software for special task workstations, servers, or PDAs. If you need parts, or you need to totally replace one of these, the IT Help Desk can advise on and arrange the purchase, but will require a project ID.

Printers: The ODS program does not purchase printers, but will help with selection and with configuration. Printer replacement, printer parts, and repair also require a project id.

Non-Operations jobs, or specialized projects beyond the scope of normal PC maintenance: These are charged by time and materials.  These rates apply:




MAC/PC – Time & Materials

Standard Hourly Rate
High Priority Rate
Parts Orders

$60 per incident, $110/hr
1.5 times standard
15% burden and handling surcharge ($20 minimum)


The Laboratory's current vendor for telephone pagers is American Messaging Service.  Rates very based on the the coverage areas and services users select.  To view pager models, coverage areas and service options, please visit the Telephone Service Center Pager Rates page.


Printer Support

$110 per hour for standard printer service from printer repair vendor
Quote will be provided for cost of parts, return visit may be required.


ReadyTalk Audio Conferencing usage is billed back to the project ID provided to Telephone Services upon request for service.  No additional charges apply for Web conferencing.  To view current rates for per-minute charges for domestic and international calls, or broadcast audio and conference recordings, please visit the Telephone Services ReadyTalk Rates page.

Records and Storage

  • Request boxes from ARO. These boxes are only to be used for sending records to ARO; they are not to be used as moving and storage boxes. The first 10 boxes are free of charge; if you need more than 10 boxes, the charge is $1.75 a box.
  • Transportation charges to transport records to ARO:
    • 5 boxes or fewer: One driver for a half-hour at $50/hour
    • 6-20 boxes: Two drivers, each a half-hour at $50/hour
    • More than 20 boxes: Depends on volume. Contact Transportation at ext. 5404 for details.

Records Request

The minimum charge by IDS Couriers for next-day delivery is $40. (Depending on weight of items being retrieved, additional charges apply.)

Reference (Library)

  • Online journal access for those journals LBNL subscribes to:  No fee
  • Books and journal articles located at LBNL or the warehouse:  No fee
  • LBNL Reports:  No fee
  • Books, journal articles, and reports from UC Berkeley libraries:  $10 per item
  • Books, journal articles, and reports from other California or DOE-affiliated libraries:  $15 per item
  • Books, journal articles, and reports from all other libraries:  $20 per item
  • Material needed on a rush basis, i.e., within 48 hours:  $35 per item
  • The Library no longer purchases desk copies or books or personal journal subscriptions:  Please check with your departmental business officer.

Remote Access

  • There is no charge for this service

Report Coordination

  • There is no charge for this service

Scientific Workstation Support (Linux)

These services are also offered on a Time and Materials basis for one-time or intermittent need.


  • Full-management Linux desktop or server, Network appliance or Hitachi (Bluearc) server: $300/month
  • Time-and-materials consulting rate: $120/hour

Self-Hosted E-mail Servers

This service is overhead-funded.

Software Licenses Rates

Telephones: Monthly Charges

To view a chart of monthly (recurring) charges for telephone equipment please visit the Telephone Services Telephone Equipment Charges page.


UNIX Support

  • The LBNL Scientific UNIX systems are funded on a recharge basis. There is a $75 one-time fee for new accounts and a $25/month user account fee to cover the cost of account administration. Additionally, there are fees for the use of the Scientific computers and file servers. Please click here for a full listing of rates.

Voice Mail

There is no charge for this service.  To learn more, please visit the Voice Mail Services page.

Web Hosting

  • Hosting static content on Free
  • Web hosting IT-provided hardware (includes use of a dedicated LINUX/Apache server: $400 per month
  • Web hosting customer-provided hardware

Wired Connections


  • Wireless access is free for employees. For installation costs for new wireless access points, please see the Price List