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Loaner Cellular Telephones

Going away on travel?

Telephone Services can provide loaner cellular phones for short-term use1. Usage charges plus a prorated monthly service fee are applicable.

Supervisor or Division level approval (Division Director, Deputy Division Director, or Division Director's Designate) is required to order a cellular phone for short term use. The requestor must also read and agree to the LBNL cellular phone procedures.

To request a loaner cellular phone, please send email to [email protected] and include:

  • User's name
  • Project ID/Activity Code
  • Date requested for use
  • Flip phone or Smartphone
  • Roaming coverage needed (Domestic or International)

Please note:
We recommend a minimum of 2 business days notice to secure a phone and have a cellphone number assigned to you.

1 Your Project ID will continue to be charged usage charges and monthly fees for the loaner cellphone until the service is terminated and the phone is returned.

Please call the Telephone Service Center (x7997) for more detailed information.

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