LabAlert - Emergency Broadcast Service


LabAlert provides timely emergency alerts to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) community via email, telephone, and text message via government-issued or private cellular telephones. It supplements Level1 and the Public Address system to quickly alert you of emergency conditions.

The service is "opt in". As an employee of LBNL your work contact information is entered automatically into LabAlert. If you would like to receive notifications via private devices for potential laboratory closures, general emergency information, or potential impacts to the building you reside in, please subscribe by registering cellular information (see "Help" section for additional details).

To register for the service or manage your registration, click the "Lab Alert" icon.

LabAlert is a joint service of IT, Public Affairs, and Protective Services.

Getting Started

  • Click on the big green button.
  • Login (if you need to) with your LBNL Username/Password.
  • Select an open “Device” drop-down and select:
    •  “SMS / Text Messaging” to receive a text message.
    • "Mobile Phone" to receive a mobile phone call.
  • Put your number in the corresponding “Device” text box, include the area code, but no “dashes” (Ex. 5105559876).
  • When you are done, simply click the “Next” icon at the bottom of the page.
  • On the next page verify the information is correct and select “Submit Data” to finalize your changes, or select “Cancel” to go back to the previous page.

That's all there is to it! LabAlert text messages will come from the number "246-39" and any phone calls will show up as a toll-free number.



LabAlert is provided as part of the Berkeley Lab Technology Toolbox at no charge. However, you may incur text messaging charges from your cell phone provider at the normal rate you pay.



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