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ITE-30SD Intercom

Dial Intercom allows calling within defined groups, using 1 digit for groups of 1-10 telephones and 2 digits for groups of 11-100 telephones.  Three rings announce an intercom call.  Intercom calls cannot be placed on hold, transferred, or added to a conference.  Dial Intercom is only available on ITE-12S, 12SD, and 30S.

To place an intercom call:

  1. Press INTCM.
  2. Lift the handset.
  3. The INTCM lamp should be ON.
  4. You should hear dial tone.
  5. Dial the intercom number.

To answer an intercom call:

  1. The INTCM lamp should blink when the phone rings.
  2. Press INTCM.
  3. Lift the handset.
  4. The INTCM lamp should stay ON without blinking.

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