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ITE-12SD (Display) Call Park

Call Park is used to hold calls that are to be retrieved at a different telephone, normally in the same physical area.  An example of when you would park a call would be when you receive a call for someone else and need to page the person.  You can park the call while paging the person.  If the person is present, he or she can pick up the call at another telephone.  If a parked call is not retrieved within one minute, it will be returned to the originally called extension with three rings to announce a returning parked call.

When you park a call, the phone system assigns a 5-digit park number beginning with 333 [e.g., 33312].  The caller hears music indicating that a feature is in use.  Your extension is cleared.  You can then place or receive calls.

To Park a call:

  1. Press CALL PARK..
  2. You should hear a 5-digit park number being assigned to the call (e.g., 333XX).
  3. Hang up.

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