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Getting Started

When accessing your voice mailbox for the first time, you will be prompted to complete a quick set up tutorial.  This tutorial must be completed before you can begin listening to any new messages callers may have left you. To set up your voice mail remotely, please email [email protected] for a temporary passcode and instructions.

Quick Set Up Tutorial: 

  1. Access your voice mailbox by pressing the VMBX button (or enter *5) on your telephone set.  Avaya phone users should press the "Message" button.
  2. Enter a New security code
  3. Enter the new security code again to confirm
  4. Record your Name
  5. Record your Personal Greeting

Once you have successfully completed the tutorial, you can begin to fully use your voice mailbox.

NOTE: You will only need to enter your security code to access your voice mailbox remotely.  You may specifically request that the security code be required upon every log on.  Contact [email protected] or call x7997 to have this set up for you.

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