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To Order:

To subscribe to Mobility, or to make changes to the alternate number programmed for you, send your request by email to [email protected]. For additional information, send email to [email protected] or call x7997.  There is a one-time set up fee of $10.00 for service activation.

You can always be available to your callers with the Mobility feature.  This feature offers your callers the option of pressing “1” to connect to you at an alternate number or leaving you a voice mail message. 

Let your callers know they can reach you live by including instructions to press [1] in your Personal Greeting.   Your privacy is maintained and your alternate number will not be revealed to callers during the transfer.  Most Mobility users prefer to use their cellular telephone number as their alternate number.

To Use:

  • Inform your callers to press [1] in your greeting
  • The Caller ID will show 510-486-7100 for the call
  • The system announces “Attendant transfer”
  • To Accept the call, press [1]
  • To Reject the call, press [9]
    (rejected callers will be returned to your mailbox)

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