Business Systems


Business systems provide automation for the operational functions of the Laboratory.  Business systems include system for managing human resource, financial, safety&health, and facilities operations.

In each case, IT provides support to the "Functional Owner" to implement their business processes through applications.  


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HR Systems

Laboratory Services:

  • HR Self Service
  • LETS (Timekeeping)

CFO Systems (Finance)

Laboratory Systems

  • eBuy
  • (access to trex and cliqbook)

Specialist Services:

  • ePro
  • FMS

EHS Systems

Laboratory Systems

  • EHS Training/JHA

Specialist Services:

  • Occupational Health Manager (OHM)
  • Chemical Management System (CMS)
  • Comprehensive Tracking System (CTS)
  • Radiation Authorization Reporting System (RADAR)
  • Radiation Exposure Management System (REMS)
  • Supervisors Accident Analysis Reporting System (SAAR)
  • Telemetry
  • Ventilation
  • Waste Management (Shoebox)

Facilities Systems

Laboratory Systems

  • Maximo Enterprise Operations and Asset Management System
    • Fleet
    • Inventory Management (Stores)
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Transportation/Delivery Requests
    • Work Manager
    • Work Request Center


  • Space planning and management

Other Support Systems



  • The IT Help Desk, at ext. 4357 (486-4357) or e-mail,

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