CCleaner Not Authorized On Lab Computers, Must Be Removed

As of Oct 17, 2019 Workstation Support is under guidance from LBL cybersecurity to remove CCleaner from all Lab systems.

Computers that have BigFix (Active Mode) installed will have a pop-up appear informing the user of the action and provide a button to click for easy uninstallation.

We are looking at other options to handle the functions that CCleaner provides, but in the short term, we need to remove it from all Lab systems. Workstation Support will be removing CCleaner beginning Friday, Nov 1, 2019.

Additionally, the free version of CCleaner cannot legally be installed on Laboratory computers.

CCleaner can be removed either via BigFix or via the Windows standard "Add and Remove" programs menu.

If you don't have BigFix installed on your system please see our IT Software Download Page at

If you need help removing CCleaner please contact the Help Desk at xHELP (x4357).


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