Blog from December, 2013

Congratulations to our colleagues in procurement on the relaunch of

The site makes use of the new Berkeley Lab Wordpress Templates, our new Wordpress Hosting service, and is a "child" of the new LBL Multisite. is also one of the first sites at LBL based on Responsive Design principles, allowing different visitors on different devices to view the same web page content appropriately structured for the size of their device.


More information on the new Wordpress related templates and services will be available on the IT website in early January.



Google is enhancing their takeout service (the ability to extract your data out of Google Services).  Calendar data has recently been added and Gmail is next.  A recent techcrunch article provides some background.  

When you are logged in to Google, look for the person icon in the upper right and click on it.


Then click "account".  The "download your data" link is where you will find the products currently in place.