Blog from February, 2013

IT is pleased to host a special 2 hour course created just for
Berkeley Lab scientists and program managers designed to help you get
the most out of your software development projects and avoid common
pitfalls.    The course will take place Monday March 4 from 2-4pm in
Perseverance Hall.

Whether you're in an early stage, or already responsible for a large
development effort within your area, this course will share concepts,
tips, and horror stories that will hopefully help you to give your
projects the best chance of success.  The focus of the course is on
managing software development projects for science, not actual coding
or development.

The course will be taught by the founder of the nonprofit Software
Carpentry Foundation, which works to help scientists grow their
computational faculties.  Greg Wilson, the founder and teacher, has
decades of experience working to help scientists and coding teams be

The course was designed with input from LBNL IT and NERSC and informed
by Greg's many years of experience.  There is no charge for this
course, which is provided as part of IT's commitment to help LBNL
researchers compute and collaborate more effectively.

Please register for the course here:

When:  Monday, March 4, 2013
Where: 54-130 (PERS HALL)
Time:  2:00-4:00 PM

 Maintenance on UPS may impact Collaboration and File/Print Services

The IT Infrastructure Dept has scheduled an maintenance window to upgrade a UPS.  The goal is to replace an aging unit with a new one.  This work may impact some IT Services.  The UPS system supports a Network File System (NetApp) that is used by a variety of collaboration and File/Print Services.  

Services that rely on this file system may not be available on Wednesday, February 13 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. 

The File system has dual power supplies and only one side will be affected at a time.  There is some chance (the probability is very small but not zero) that the unit would loose power and have to be restarted.  If this happens, the following would be down for a short time: 

  • Print servers that support Windows XP clients
  • Network File Services for users of our Institutional Active Directory based service. 
  • The Plesk web hosting environment
  • The proxy site for accessing scientific journals at UCB
  • Primavera - used by the labs Project Management Office
  • The RMS system

This outage will impact Webspace and  the Commons wiki (and the web pages hosted on it, including IT, HR, and Facilities) - both of which will be taken down as a precautionary step.




Maintenance this Weekend Affects eBuy, TREX, PCard, and Other Financial Services

Starting at 2 p.m Feb. 8 and continuing through the weekend, the Lab’s financial systems will be taken offline for maintenance. To prevent an online session from being interrupted, users will need to log out of the system prior to 2 pm.

During this outage, users will be unable to access eBuy, TREX, purchase requisitions, or approve online financial transactions. It is expected that these systems will be back up by Monday morning.

For more information, contact the IT help desk (x4357).

Berkeley Lab scientists led the development of an algorithm and a computational pipeline, making extensive use of the Lawrencium Cluster, that analyzes large sets of tumor images. Their work will help scientists learn more about the genetic and molecular mechanisms that control tumor signatures. It will also shed light on whether tumor subtype can predict the effectiveness of therapies. The research was led by Hang Chang, Ju Han, Leandro Loss, and Bahram Parvin of the Life Sciences Division, as well as scientists from several other institutions. The scientists validated their pipeline by applying it to 377 whole-slide images from patients who have an aggressive brain cancer. More>

A tumor’s organizational complexity is revealed. The center image is a whole-slide image of a Glioblastoma Multiforme tumor. The arrows indicate enlarged, distinct regions. Berkeley Lab scientists have developed an automated way to analyze large sets of tumor images.