Lawrencium Cluster Downtime Dec 2-5

The next Lawrencium downtime is scheduled for the afternoon of Dec 2, 2011.

LBNL Facilities division has scheduled a power outage to 50B Bldg on the weekend of Dec 3rd 2011, to perform electrical work. In preparation for this power outage, we will have to shutdown all cluster resources located in the Bldg 50B room 1275 Data Center.

Access will be turned off by 4:00 pm on Friday, Dec 2nd and we expect to bring clusters back online by 5:00 pm on Monday, Dec 5th.

All the clusters in our supercluster infrastructure namely Alsacc, Berkelium, Baldur, Cumuls, Esd01, Euclid, Hbar, Lawrencium (Lr1, Lr2 and associated ´╗┐PI-owned condo nodes) MHG, Musigny, Nano, Natgas, Plutonium, Voltaire,Vulcan and Yquem will be affected by this outage.

User access to the cluster front end nodes and data on the file systems will be blocked. Job blocking reservations will be in place such thatno jobs will be running in the queues during shutdown. If you aresubmitting jobs to the queues before the shutdown make sure you request proper wallclock times such that jobs would finish before the start of the downtime at 4:00 pm on Dec 2nd.