Blog from July, 2011

On August 10 the federated access that we have to the Burton IT1 research on will end. The Burton Site is being retired.

To access the Burton IT1 research we are entitled to on the new Gartner site,  you will need to select the following *link *where you will be directed to the IT1 research on Since this is a federated link, you will not need a username or password to access the research.

The first time you go to the new Burton IT1 site on, you will be asked to select a role/function. Select the role/function best suited to your current responsibility. This does not affect the research to which you have access, you will have the ability to search and open any research related to the Burton IT1 research.

The new Burton IT1 site on will now allow you to utilize the benefits of the My Gartner portal where you can personalize your research experience. You will have improved search capabilities and library capabilities to help you find and organize your research. We do ask that you do not modify your username or password in the My Profiles section as this will affect your federated access.

Known Issues

In the past:

1. Users went to, either clicked a restricted link or went to the client login page, and they were automatically sent to LBL to authenticate. (clicking on a restricted link sent the user to the client login page.) If a user attempted to login with their email address, Burton recognized it as a federated domain, and sent them to us instead.

2. If users were emailed a link (or clicked on the full-text links in the email), they would end up just as above, back at the client login page.

Doc links from emails will work if the user's logged in. The documents won't automatically redirect to any given auto-reg or FED-ID endpoint.

3.  Any email Alerts that you were getting through Burton will not be transferred to Gartner. You will have to go to the Gartner site and subscribe to the ones that interest you.

Webinar Schedule

Below are times and links of webinars that are currently scheduled to help you better understand the functionality of the new Burton IT1 site on

If you have any issues authenticating or accessing the Burton IT1 site on, please contact the
IT help desk at 

Update: Resolved completely. All systems operational, all testing complete. -4pm Sunday.
Update: Problem appears resolved, final testing in progress. -11:37AM Sunday

Due to what appears to be a hardware issue, most business systems managed by IT have been experiencing intermittent outages since Friday afternoon. Engineers are currently working on the issue. Impacted systems include Maximo, all EHS applications, LETS, BRS, and many other applications. This page will be updated as updates are available.

We have received the following advice from the Enterprise Team that supports our Google Applications

Support for the following browsers will be deprecated on August 1 in order to ensure a better and more secure browsing experience for all of our users:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox 3.5
  • Safari 3

Our recommended browser upgrade strategy
The best strategy is to upgrade to a supported browser, and this is what we recommend.  The supported browsers will always be listed here: browsers will be supported after August 1:

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 3.6+   (NOTE: Per our browser support policy, Firefox 3.6 will be deprecated on September 21 - more dates below)
  • Safari 4+
  • Chrome
OS X Lion Release

OS X Lion is now available for download on the IT Software Download Site for $29.99( Monday, July 25, 2011.) OS X Lion is built on a UNIX foundation and includes over 250 new features including, Multi-touch Gestures, Full-Screen Apps, Mission Control, Mac App Store, Launchpad, Resume, Auto Save, Version history, Air Drop &  Mail.   

The upgrade is available from download from under Purchase Software. No media is required.

When Upgrading from OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, use Software Update to update to OS X v10.6.8, then purchase OS X Lion.

Please contact with any questions about upgrade.

To download, visit

Please note that Carbonite backup software now fully supports OS X Lion.  Carbonite is available for purchase from, under Purchase Software -> Utilities Software.

Known Compatibility Issues:

1. For compatibility issues with Adobe please see these articles

2. Microsoft Office compatibility issues:

3. Parallels Virtualization
Requires update and current version.

4. VPN
Use Cisco VPN for Apple menu bar from instead of Cisco Anyconnect.

5. Compatibility issues with other vendors see

Please report other compatibility issues to

The IT Business Systems Windows web servers will be offline for scheduled maintenance on Friday July 22, from 5 pm to 10 pm. Approximately 100 IT Business Systems web applications (listed below) will be offline during this move.

Click here to see a list of impacted applications

Google is introducing a new look to their product line. At this point, Gmail and Calendar have been the first to surface these changes, but others are on the way. 

For example, Gmail has a new theme that can be selected after you click the gear symbol in the upper right corner of the window (a theme that will eventually be the default). 

Once the available themes are visible,  select the dense version - at the bottom of the display.

The type of inbox you use is also selectable in the web interface.

Google provided a nice write-up concerning their plans - you can find it here.

Employees are reminded that the IT Help Desk is obligated to terminate Institutional Computer accounts for staff (or guests) leaving the lab.

According to the RPM, Division Administrators are to "Ensure that all user IDs and passwords used by terminating employees and guests are deactivated or continued through a Laboratory sponsor."

We can only delay the disabling of an account if the supervisor of the terminated employee certifies that a status change is being processed (e.g. guest to career or career to guest).  If so, we will put a hold on the disable until the status change has been completed.  Typically, this should not take longer than a few weeks.

We do offer email forwarding if the lbl email address is being used to communicate on on-going research.  At this point, we can offer this for up to a year.

Our procedures are documented in this FAQ.

IT Division is pleased to offer an  EndNote training opportunity on Tuesday, July 19. Senior Product Trainer of Research Software, Donna Kirking, will provide a morning and afternoon session on:

Building an EndNote Library

The morning session (1.5-hour) will focus on the ways to get data into an EndNote Library. It covers--

  • Setting basic preferences
  • Manual data entry
  • Online search
  • Direct export
  • Direct export with databases not intended for it, such as PubMed, and using PubMed as an example
  • Creating smart groups, custom groups, and group sets

The afternoon session (1.5-hour) is devoted to Cite While Your Write.

Only nine seats will be available for this training opportunity. Go here to register.

The IT Division is sponsoring 4 "What's new in Office 2010" classes in July. These sessions last 3.5 hours each and cover the primary differences between Office 2010 and older versions of the Office Product.

We also want to mention the eRoom to Gsites transition classes. If you are an eRoom user and wonder if Google Sites is a good alternative for small team collaborations, consider registering for one of the sessions.

Register using the HR Employee Self Service Training Link and look for these classes under computer applications.

The current schedule of classes looks like this: