Blog from Mar 17, 2011

Google has launched a set of powerful new commenting features in Google Docs. Now, you can group comments together, use @mentions to call out people for comments, respond to comments via email and have those appear seamlessly in the document, and resolve and collapse comments to remove them from the page (but still view them later). It's best explained by watching the short video below. The features are only available in newly created Google Documents.

Webspace Outage 3-25 6pm

Webspace, the online file storage service provided by IT, will be down for maintenance beginning at 6pm on Friday, March 25th. The outage is expected to last five hours.

The upgrade is generally intended as a 'bug fix" release, but there are a couple of functional improvements worth noting:

1. A new Thumbnail view is an option for viewing folders and files
2. Some minor improvements to the workflow engine
3. Performance improvements when doing web based displays of a large number of entries (hundreds of files located in a single directory, for example)
4. The Help System has some improvements when searching for content

The dropbox functionality is something you may want to take advantage of. A dropbox can be created to allow other users to upload content without seeing what anyone else is uploading. Useful for proposal submissions, for example.

If you have any questions, please contact the helpdesk.