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Explore advanced topics in the newest free online Mathematica seminars.

S51: Image Processing Applications: This seminar explores several applications of image processing in Mathematica, including segmentation techniques, feature detection, working with multiple images, image stitching, and deconvolution. The new image processing capabilities of Mathematica 8 are highlighted.

March 9, 7am-8am (PST)
March 29, 11am-12pm (PDT)

S60: Control Systems in Mathematica: This seminar explores the new suite of control system tools in Mathematica 8, used to do analysis, design, and simulation of continuous and discrete-time systems. Topics include the construction and manipulation of state space and transfer function models, system interconnections, frequency response plots, and controller design.

March 10, 7am-8am (PST)
March 17, 3pm-4pm (PDT)

S70: GPU Computation Using Mathematica and CUDA: This seminar provides an overview of the new GPU functionality in Mathematica 8 by using CUDA. Topics include reasons for using the GPU, overviews of CUDA and OpenCL, some use cases for CUDA and OpenCL, how to use CUDA from within Mathematica, and the GPU programming workflow within Mathematica.

March 14, 3pm-4pm (PDT)
March 16, 7am-8am (PDT)
March 18, 11am-12pm (PDT)
March 30, 9am-10am (PDT)

Here are additional dates and times of upcoming live online seminars. These seminars are free!

S11: What's New in Mathematica 8

March 9, 9am-10am (PST)
March 22, 7am-8am (PDT)
March 31, 3pm-4pm (PDT)

S17: Applied Parallel Computation with Mathematica

March 9, 3pm-4pm (PST)

S27: Got Manipulate?

March 11, 7am-8am (PST)

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