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Grant proposals: certification and the NIH vertebrate animal section

When certification of IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) review is requested: once your animal use protocol has been approved by the Animal Welfare and Research Committee (LBNL's ICAUC), researchers or their proposal specialists should fill in the certification request form and submit it along with a copy of the grant proposal to the HARC office (MS 26-143, electronic copies to The HARC office will perform a side by side review with the protocol and the grant proposal and if it appears that all live animal use as described in the grant proposal is covered by the LBNL animal use protocol, then the HARC office will issue a certificate. This certificate is sent to the principal investigator on the grant, investigator lead(s) on the protocol, the sponsored projects office, and anyone else indicated on the certification request form. The sponsored projects office will then send the document to the funding agency as required.

The glossary contains definitions for terms used in the form, as well as other information helpful to filling out the form. It may be the case that a given grant proposal describes work covered by more than one animal use protocol. The regular certification request form contains spaces to list 3 protocols. In rare cases where more than 3 protocols need to be listed, here is a second page of the form to list further protocols. Note that this is a new form and we welcome feedback on ease of use, understandability, etc.

Here is the flow chart which gives an over all view of the process. If you would like further documentation and instruction on this, here is a guidance document.

Note, if you need the AHU form (also known as the Human Subjects and/or Vertebrate Animal Use in Field Task/Work Proposals form) for a field task or work proposal, you can download the 2008-2009 version here. If you need the similar LDRD form you can download the 2009-2011 version here

For help on filling out the Vertebrate Animal Section of a grant proposal for the National Institutes of Health, see this 2012 fact sheet from the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare.