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On October 14th, 2005, The Deputy Secretary of Energy signed a memo approving a new interpretation of PIV which allows uncleared Laboratory employees and facilities to issue current access credentials instead of PIV credentials. This effectively exempts nearly all LBNL Lab facilities and employees/guests from the PIV requirements.

This analysis was based on strong arguments made by Berkeley Lab and by other National Laboratories that the program, as designed, would seriously disrupt the patterns of collaboration at the Laboratories and, further, that it was unnecessary in an unclassified, fundamental research environment.

LBNL Employees Who Need PIV Cards

Some LBNL employees with the need to access Federal Facilities (including DOE HQ) on an ongoing basis, may find it useful to go through the PIV process. As of February 2018, the Laboratory is transitioning the process for doing this.  It is currently time-consuming. For more information, contact Protective Services at

LBNL Employees Who Need PIV-I Cards

Some LBNL employees need PIV-I cards in order to access systems operated by DOE, other Laboratories, or Agencies.   At present, PIV-I cards issuance at LBNL is limited to LBNL employees who access certain DOE-AU applications which are required to use PIV or PIV-I.  For information on obtaining a PIV-I please visit the PIV-I account page. 

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