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The University of California and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory endeavor to make information available to all interested parties. We attempt to meet general accessibility criteria on the primary LBL website and other sources of information intended for the general public. Other information, such as bulk data and automatically generated content, may not always be accessible using existing assistive technology. If you encounter information which you cannot access with assistive technology, please contact us at help at and we will work with you to see if we can provide the information in an appropriate way.

Reasonable Accommodation for Employees

The key driver of IT accessibility is the RPM's section on Reasonable Accommodation. Follow this process to evaluate the most effective ways to achieve reasonable accommodation for the employee while meeting the needs of both the employee and the Laboratory. More>>>

Section 508 and DOE Requirements

The Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 applies to Federal Agencies and each agency must flow down requirements as appropriate to contractors. In the case of DOE, this flow down occurs via DOE Order 200.1A, which requires that Federal Services to Citizen information meet Section 508 requirements. Berkeley Lab currently creates no information which meets this definition.

The DOE definition derives from guidance in the Section 508 Final Rule; "For example, EIT neither used nor accessed by Federal employees or members of the public is not subject to the Access Board’s standards (contractor employees in their professional capacity are not members of the public for purposes of section 508)".

However, the lack of Section 508 drivers does not change the Lab's goal of making information available to all interested parties and in keeping with the University's strong commitment to accessibility.

Upcoming Policy Events

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