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This policy discontinues the provisioning of LBNL managed high speed data access to offsite work locations including homes and allows designated employees the option to be reimbursed 50% of the costs of personally acquired high speed lines with Division Director approval.

High Speed Remote Access Policy Materials

Policy Materials

Policy: High Speed Remote Access Provisioning and Reimbursement
Documentation: Policy: HTML PDF
Frequently Asked Questions
Policy ID: 9.02-320
Effective: 3.20.2005
Progress Review: 9.20.2005
Sunset Review: 3.20.2020 (reviewed 03.21.2017 SL)
Status: This is a current policy
Responsible Office: NTD, IT (Networking and Telecommunications Department, Information Technology Division)
Process: This policy review was initiated by IT to meet compliance concerns and reduce institutional spending. This policy was developed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in IT, and was vetted through CSAC, Business Managers, Finance Managers, and Division Director's Meeting.
Comments: Comments on any aspect of this policy are welcome. Please send comments to [email protected]
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