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Status: In contract, 08-Oct-13

Summary of Order

The purpose of DOE O 415.1 Information Technology Project Management is to establish project management requirements to help support the successful execution of IT projects.

LBNL Implementation


This CRD establishes the requirements for the Department of Energy (DOE) Information Technology (IT) contractors with access to DOE information systems. Contractors must comply with the requirements listed in this CRD.

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Regardless of the performer of the work, the contractor is responsible for complying with and flowing down the appropriate requirements of this CRD to subcontractors at any tier, to the extent necessary, to ensure the contractors’ compliance with the requirements. That is, the contractor will ensure that it and its subcontractors cost effectively comply with the requirements of this CRD and incur only those costs that are reasonable and would be incurred by a prudent person in the conduct of a competitive business.

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The contractor, using a formal IT Project Management process with a graded approach to project risk management, based on best business practices (BBPs), must develop a Project Management approach for IT investments that:

  1. Foster IT investments that support DOE Program and Mission goals;
  2. Describe the management methods, organization, control systems, and documentation for projects; and
  3. Monitor and control projects through Project Management practices

Berkeley Lab's policy on Lifecycle Management for Information, Hardware, Software, and Services establishes line management responsibility for lifecycle management which includes project management. IT-managed services follow a graded approach. For central projects with functional owners, IT works with the functional owners who guide the project management approach.


For Federally directed IT investments with a Total Project Cost (TPC) of $25 Million (M) or more, the contractor must follow the appropriate Program Office direction for IT Project Management.

Berkeley Lab will work with Office of Science to meet project management controls when appropriate. No current projects meet this definition.

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