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See below for listing of plenary topics and speakers (in progress, subject to revision)

Plenary Sessions and Speakers

Monday September 9

Plenary Session I: Cosmology                                                            8:45-10:20

Chair: Frank Avignone, University of South Carolina

-  Welcome to TAUP 2013  (5 minutes)

      - Wick Haxton, UC Berkeley/LBNL, and Frank Avignone, Univ. South Carolina

-  Dark Energy Probes (25+5)  

      - David Kirkby, UC Irvine 

Cosmology after Planck (25+5)

      - Krzysztof Gorski, JPL 

Gravitational Wave Cosmology (25+5)

      - Scott Hughes, MIT

Plenary Session II: Dark Matter and New Particles                        10:45-10:15

Chair: Georg Raffelt, Max Planck Institute, Munich

Dark Matter and Simulations of Structure Formation (25+5)

      -  Risa Wechsler, Stanford University

Low-Energy Cosmic Rays  (25+5)

           -  Roberto Battiston, Univ. di Trento

Tuesday September 10

Plenary Session III: Dark Matter Direct Detection                             8:45-10:15

Chair: Stefan Schoenert, Technical University of Munich

- WIMP Dark Matter Direct-Detection Searches in Noble Gases (25+5)

           -  Laura Baudis, Univ. Zurich

 Other WIMP Dark Matter Direct-Detection Searches (25+5)

             - Jodi Cooley, Southern Methodist Univ.

Direct-Detection Searches for Axion Dark Matter (25+5)

             - Gray Rybka, Univ. Washington

Plenary Session IV: Low-Energy Astrophysics                              10:45-12:15

Chair: Masayuki Nakahata, ICRR, University of Tokyo

Dark Matter Particle Candidates (25-5)

      - David Cerdeno, Univ. Autónoma de Madrid

Indirect Searches for Dark Matter (25+5)

           -  Fiorenza Donato, INFN, Univ. Turin

Nuclear Astrophysics and Underground Accelerators (25+5)

             - Alessandra Guglielmetti, INFN, Univ. Milano


Wednesday September 11

Plenary Session V: Neutrino Masses                                                 8:45-10:15

Chair: David Nygren, Physics Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

-  Double Beta Decay: Xenon Experiments (25+5)

          - Andreas Piepke, Univ. Alabama

-  Double Beta Decay: Other Experiments (25+5)

          - Luciano Pandola, LNGS

Direct Neutrino Mass Measurements Post Planck (25+5)

           - Joe Formaggio, MIT

Plenary Session VI: Neutrino Astrophysics                                    10:45-12:15

Chair: Frank Calaprice, Princeton University

Solar Neutrinos and the Solar Model (25+5)

            -  Aldo Ianni, LNGS

The Supernova Mechanism and Its Multi-messenger Astrophysics (25+5)

            - Hans-Thomas Janka, MPA-Garching

Neutrino Properties and Supernovae (25+5)

            - George Fuller, UC San Diego


Thursday September 12

Plenary Session VII: Neutrino Parameters                                        8:45-10:15

Chair: Serguey Petcov, SISSA, Trieste

Theta-13: Reactor and Accelerator Experiments (25+5)

            - Daniel Dwyer, Lawrence Berkley Laboratory

Global Analyses of Neutrino Experiments (25+5)

            - Concha Gonzalez-Garcia, Stony Brook and ICREA-Barcelona

-  Evidence for Sterile Neutrinos and Implications for Physics/Astrophysics (25+5)

           - Thierry Lasserre, CEA Sacalay

Plenary Session VIII: Large-Detector Neutrino Experiments        10:45-12:15

Chair: Stan Wojicki, Stanford University

-  Accelerator Neutrinos I: Present Decade (25+5)

           - Chris Walter, Duke University

Next-Generation Atmospheric Neutrino Experiments (25+5)

           - Antoine Kouchner, Univ. Paris


Friday September 13

Plenary Session IX:  High-Energy Astrophysics                               8:45-10:15

Chair: Tom Gaisser, Bartol Research Institute, University of Delaware

-  Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays (25+5)

        - Diego Harari, Centro Atomico Bariloche

-  High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (25+5)

       -  Gernot Maier, DESY

-  High-Energy Neutrino Astronomy (25+5)

        - Markus Ackermann, DESY

Plenary Session X:  New Detectors and Laboratories                   10:45-12:15

Chair: Nicolao Fornengo, University of Torino and INFN-Torino

-  Gravitational Waves: Advanced-Generation Detectors (25+5)

        - Takaaki Kajita, Univ. Tokyo

Nucleon Decay Searches (25+5)

        - Masato Shiozawa, Univ. Tokyo

New Underground Laboratories: Europe, Asia, and the Americas (25+5)

          - Sandro Bettini, Canfranc


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