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Contributed Talks

There will be 32 parallel sessions at TAUP, each consisting of 5 20-minute (15+5) talks.  If you would like to speak at TAUP, you must submit an abstract and associated information here.  Presentations not selected for oral presentation will be invited to participate in the Wednesday evening poster session.  Although TAUP places a special emphasis on parallel presentation, please be understanding if the convenors cannot accommodate your presentation.  Their charge includes the construction of a balanced program, so it is possible that among several high-quality abstracts submitted in a given science area, only a subset can be chosen.

If you are interested in presenting a contributed talk, please submit your abstract by June 30. All abstracts received by that deadline will receive full consideration for selection by the convenors. Abstracts will be accepted after this deadline, but the conveners will then have less flexibility in their scheduling for oral presentation.

The timetable for the parallel sessions can be found here.  Once the parallel sessions are fully organized, the abstracts will be available online here as well. Between August 24 and the beginning of the conference, the timetable will be subject to change. Please check back regularly for an update.

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