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A Town Meeting for the 2nd-phase Development of the China Jinping Underground Laboratory

The town meeting for discussing the second phase development of the China Jinping Underground Laboratory has been moved to Asilomar to allow better coordination with TAUP2013.  The meeting will begin at 9:00am on Sunday, September 8, the "arrival day" for TAUP participants, and continue until 5:00pm.  Thus those attending TAUP who would also like to participate in the Town Meeting can do so by arranging one additional night in Asilomar; TAUP attendees who arrive in Asilomar on September 8 are also welcome to participate for a partial day.  There is no registration fee.  Basic information is below:

Date: Sept 8, 2013

Venue: Asilomar, CA, USA  (Coordinated with TAUP2013)


Organization Committee:  Jianmin Li (Chair, Tsinghua University, China)

                                               Xiangdong Ji (U. Maryland/Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)

                                               Wick Haxton (LBNL & UC Berkeley, USA)

                                               Joe  Wang (LBNL, USA)

Purpose of the meeting:

The Jinping deep-underground lab in Sichuan, China has a horizontal tunnel access and over 6500 wme over-burden. The lab will start the second-phase development in late 2013, and the expansion will create over 80,000m3 new space.  The new-phase development is planned to be finished at the end of 2015. In this town meeting, we solicit ideas and proposals for possible international physics experiments which might be accommodated at this site. The discussion and conclusion will help the design of the lab space.

Format of the meeting:

The meeting will start with an introduction to the Jinping lab and the preliminary second-phase plan, followed by a few invited talks. Contributed  talks are welcome (please send abstract to Xiangdong Ji, [email protected]). There is also sufficient time for free discussion. 

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