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General Tips and Facts About Google Docs 

Saving your text

  • No need to look for a save option; Google Docs saves automatically every time you make changes. 

Tips for Drafting Self Assessment 

Accessing self assessment: 

  1. Check your email for the 2017 Performance Review Form, with the subject line “FY17 Self Assessment” and click on link in the email.
  2. Or, login to the Performance Review Website, 

Entering accomplishments  

  1. In the white text box marked for employees, type in your accomplishments. 

  2. Use of bullets is highly recommended. 

  3. Use copy and paste from word documents or other Google Docs. 

  4. When you leave Google Docs, it will save your text. 

Coming back to complete self assessment: 

  1. To continue working on your self assessment: 
    1. Click the link from your email, 
    2. Or, login to the Performance Review Website,

Submitting your self assessment 

  1.  Login to the Performance Review Website,
  2.  Click the "Finalize now" button. 
  3. Click the "Submit" button. 

 *Note: You will need to login to in order to complete the process.

 Signing your completed review 

  1. Signatures are now done electronically through HelloSign

  2. After your supervisor has written your review and conducted your review discussion, look for an email with the subject line “[your name] 2017 Performance Review - Signature requested by Performance Management Process Team.”

  3. Click the “Review & Sign” button in the email, which will take you to HelloSign to sign the review.

  4. After you have signed, the review will be routed to your supervisor for his/her signature.

  5. Once your supervisor has signed, you will both receive email copies of the signed review in pdf format in your email inbox.