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Performance Review Process Instructions & Resources

Employee Instructions

Step 1 - Access your online self assessment form

  • Check your email for the 2018 Performance Review Form, with the subject line “FY18 Self Assessment for...” and click on link in the email.
  • Or, login to the Performance Review Website,, and click the "2018 Self Assessment" button 


Step 2 - Assess your performance

  •  Copy and paste your FY18 goals into your self assessment form (new employees should include goals discussed with supervisors or established in position description). 
    • On, click the "2017 Performance Review" button and scroll down to your FY18 goals (described as "Expectations and Work Deliverables" on PRD form).
    • Copy the FY18 goals from the FY17 performance review.
    • Paste the FY18 goals into the FY18 performance review.
  • Enter your accomplishments (in relation to established goals), comments, and interests.
    • For the PMP form, type text under each salmon colored, instruction section, in the white text box.
    • For the PRD form, type text under each gray instruction section.
      • Use of bullets is highly recommended.
      • To copy and paste from Word documents or other Google Docs, copy and paste text only into each section (copying entire tables will disrupt the formatting).
      • As you type, your text will be automatically saved.

Continue working on your self assessment
  • To continue working on your self assessment, return to the steps outlined above.
  • You may revisit these steps as many times as necessary prior to the deadline to submit your self assessment.

Step 3 - Submit your self assessment (DUE DATE: 06/20/18)

  • Login to the Performance Review Website,
  • Click the "Finalize now" button in the “Your Performance Review Documents” section.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

After you complete these steps, your self assessment will be shared with your supervisor. NOTE: You will no longer be able to access or edit your self assessment using the link that was emailed to you. You will be able to view your self assessment by going to the Performance Review Website.

Step 4 - Meet with your supervisor

  • Your supervisor will compose a written evaluation of your performance.

  • You will meet with him/her to discuss your performance from the prior performance review period and to discuss goals and/or development opportunities for the current performance period.

  • Come to the meeting prepared to discuss these items.

  • You and your supervisor will electronically sign your review to complete the performance review process. 

Step 5 - Add comments (optional)

  • Let your supervisor know if you need time to compose comments on your performance review.
    • S/he may grant additional time. However, all signatures must be submitted/received by the performance review deadline.
  • You may add comments to your review subsequent to the meeting if desired. Comments are generally used to add or clarify information in your performance review.
    • Login to the Performance Review Website,
    • Click on the "add comments" button.
      • A new, blank document will be created for your comments.
    • Add your comments to the new blank Google document generated.
      • As you type, your text will be automatically saved. 

    • Return to the Performance Review Website to finalize your comments.
      • Click the "Finalize Comments" button.
      • This document will be appended to the review document before the document is sent for signing.

Step 6 - Sign your completed review 

  • Signatures will be completed electronically through HelloSign.

  • Look for an email with the subject line “[your name] 2018 Performance Review - Signature requested by Performance Management Process Team.”

  • Click the “Review & Sign” button in the email, which will take you to HelloSign to sign the review.

  • Follow the instructions on screen from HelloSign to sign electronically.

    • Review & Sign

    • Insert Signature

    • Agree

  • Submit the review to route it to your supervisor for his/her signature.

    • Once your supervisor has signed, you will both receive copies of the signed review in pdf format via email.

Additional Employee Resources

Supervisor Instructions

Step 1 - Access employee's performance review form 

  • Check your email for the 2018 Performance Review Form, with the subject line “Due July 13th: FY18 Performance Review for...” and click on link in the email.

  • Or, login to the Performance Review Website,, and click the Performance Review link on the row for the employee you wish to evaluate.


Step 2 - Enter feedback in employee performance review

  • Review the employee's self assessment (if available). (PMP forms will have the self-assessment included as a combined performance review form.)
  • Type in your assessment of the employee's performance.
    • For the PMP form, type your comments under each “supervisor” instruction section in the white text box.
    • For the PRD form, you may chose to create sub-categories or headings to organize your comments based on expectations from goals of the previous performance year and/or the employee’s position description.
  • Use of bullets is highly recommended.
  • PRD performance reviews for represented staff must include a performance rating in the review form.
  • The rating must match the rating selected in the dashboard.
  • PMP performance reviews for non-represented staff are rated ONLY in the dashboard, not in the review form.
    • The system will insert the rating during the "release" process.
  • To copy and paste from Word documents or other Google Docs, copy and paste text only into each section (copying entire tables will disrupt the formatting).
  • Google Docs saves automatically each time you make changes.

Step 3 - Record employee ratings

  • Go to the Performance Management Process Website.
  • Find the row for the employee in the "Supervisor Table."
  • Select the proposed rating from the drop-down list (selection is saved automatically)

Step 4 - Submit review to one-up reviewers (DUE DATE: JULY 07/13/18)

  • Go to the Performance Management Process Website.
  • Find the row for the employee in the "Supervisor Table."
  • Click the "Share with reviewer(s)" button.
    • Reviewers will receive an email notification alerting them that the performance document is ready their review.
    • You will receive an automatic email notifications when one-up reviews are completed. You may create an email filter to redirect these notifications if desired.

Step 5 - Incorporate and respond to one-up reviewer comments

  • Look for suggested changes or comment boxes throughout the review.
    • Suggested changes are similar to track changes made in Microsoft Word and appear in colored text.
    • Suggested edits will change to the default font color once accepted.
  • Any comments or suggested edits not accepted/addressed will be deleted during the finalization process.
  • Comments and suggestions can be found in two places:
    • At the top of the review, click the “Comments” button in the top right-hand corner of your browser window.
    • In comment boxes in the right margin throughout the review.
  • You can accept suggested text by clicking on the check in the comment box or reject it by clicking on the "x."
  • You can reply to a comment and/or resolve the comment once the issue has been addressed.
  • If you'd like to address a comment to a specific person (i.e. one-up reviewer), type a plus sign followed by their email address (e.g.: That person will receive an email with your comment.
  • Resolving a discussion removes the comment from the margin; it can still be accessed using the “Comments” button in the right-hand corner of your document.
  • All comments and revision history is deleted when the document is finalized.

Step 6 - “Release” employee’s written review

  • Once you have resolved all reviewer comments, accepted or rejected suggested edits and received clearance from division management to release the review, go to the Performance Management Process Website and click the "Release the review to employee" button for that employee in the "Supervisor Table."
  • Click the "Submit" button.
  • Note: Releasing the document will share the document automatically with the employee. Make sure you have received Division authorization to proceed and are ready for the employee to see the review.

Viewing "released" employee review

  • Login to
  • Click on the link next to the employee's name to view the document.
  • Once the review is in "released" status, the review is shared with the employee and s/he can view it prior to the review discussion meeting.

Step 7 - Conduct the review discussion

  • It is recommended that you have a tablet or computer available to electronically sign the performance review during the performance discussion.

  • Discuss the employee's performance using facts and descriptions of their impact and your expectations.

  • Contact HR if you need guidance to deliver a difficult performance review.

  • You and the employee will electronically sign the review to complete the performance review process. 

Step 8 - Sign final review

  • Signatures are obtained electronically through HelloSign and are initiated by the supervisor.

  • Once your Division has been authorized to proceed, the "Initiate Signing" button will become available on the Performance Management Process Website.

  • Login to and click the "Initiate signing" button.

  • Click the "Submit" button.

  • This will initiate the signature process and send an email to the employee requesting for him/her to sign the document.

  • Once the employee has signed, check your email inbox for an email with the subject line "[employee name] 2018 Performance Review - Signature requested by Performance Review Process Team."

  • Click the button in the email to be taken to HelloSign to sign the employee's performance review electronically.

  • Follow the instructions on screen from HelloSign to sign electronically.

  • Both you and the employee will receive copies of the signed review in PDF format via email.

Additional Supervisor Resources


One-up Reviewer Instructions

You will receive an email each time a performance document in your management line is ready for one-up review. However, you are only required to complete one-up reviews for employees that report to your direct reports (unless otherwise specified by the ETA Area Office or Division Director).

If you wish to filter the email notifications received from the system, you apply a filter to your incoming messages in Google Settings. Refer to the following link for instructions to set up an email filter:

Step 1 - Access employee’s review form

  • You will receive an email with a link the the drafted performance review; click on link in the email.

  • Or, you may go to the Performance Review Website at to access the form. 


Step 2 - Propose suggested text (similar to track changes mode in Microsoft Word)

  • Suggest text

    • Suggesting changes is for editing language directly and suggesting specific wording to the supervisor.

    • As you insert, delete, or revise text, your updates are provided to the supervisor as  “suggested” revisions.

    • Your revisions will be tracked and appear in a colored font.  

    • If the Supervisor accepts your changes, they will change to the default font color (black).

Step 3 - Enter comments

  • Commenting is best for offering general thoughts or feedback about sections or text in the document.

    • Highlight or select the text you'd like to comment on.

    • From the Insert menu, select "Comment."

    • Type your comment in the box that appears in the right margin of the document.

    • Click the “Comment” button to save your comment.

  • After inserting a comment, there are two main places you can view/edit/resolve it:

    • Comment box

    • Discussions thread

  • Access the comments by clicking the "Comments" button in the top right-hand corner of your browser window.

  • You can reply to a comment with a new post, edit or delete a previous comment you’ve inserted, and resolve the discussion when you’re ready to remove it.

  • Resolving a discussion removes the comment from the margin; it can still be accessed using the “Comments” button in the right-hand corner of your document.

  • If you'd like to address your comment to a specific person (i.e. to the supervisor to indicate document has been reviewed), type a plus sign followed by their email address (e.g.: That person will receive an email with your comment. 

Step 4 - Complete/submit your one-up review

  • Go to the Performance Review Website at

  • Check the “Mark reviewed” button  in the One-up Review Table.

  • The Supervisor will receive an email informing him/her you have completed your review.

Additional One-up Reviewer Resources

2018 Performance Review Calendar

May 4

Annual Performance Management Process (PMP) kickoff

May 10

Brown bag discussion: Tips for Completing Your Self-Assessment

12:00 – 1:00pm, Building 70A-3377

May 11

Brown bag discussion: Tips for Completing Your Self-Assessment

12:00 – 1:00pm, Building 90-3122


Training sessions or coaching on preparation of self-assessments, performance review preparation and performance review conversations are available upon request

Contact Leticia Ericson, Sr. HR Division Partner, Ext. 7649
June 20Employee Self-Assessments Due
July 13

Supervisor Reviews Due

July 20Division calibration meetings begin
August 28Deadline for supervisors and employees to sign reviews using HelloSign


All Career, Term employees and Postdoctoral Fellows hired on or before April 1, 2018 are required to have an annual performance review.

The following appointment types are NOT required to participate in the performance review process. However, the supervisor may provide an informal review as desired/requested.

  • Limited
  • Faculty
  • Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA)
  • Student Assistant
  • Rehired Retiree
  • Contractor
  • Guest/Affiliate




Dear ETA Supervisors,

This is just a quick reminder about the FY18 Performance Management Process (PMP) that is currently underway.

ETA Performance Review Deadline: July 13, 2018

The deadline for submission of the performance reviews is Friday, July 13, 2018. Please be sure to work with the employee self-assessment, where available, to develop a meaningful review and establish performance goals for the coming year. ETA must report on compliance with the performance review deadline to LBNL management, so we appreciate your cooperation in ensuring we achieve the required 100% compliance. You can access your reviews at: In those cases where staff may not have completed a self-assessment:
  • Represented employees (e.g., Research Associates, Administrative Assistants), are not required to complete the self-assessment and therefore you will need to complete the performance review, with or without your employee's self-assessment, by the July 13 deadline.
  • Non-represented employees are required to complete the self-assessment. For incomplete self-assessments, Laboratory guidance is that you should remind the employee and advise them that not completing the self-assessment will be factored into their annual performance evaluation. If you have received no response, you should note the non-compliance in their performance review and complete the written review by the July 13 deadline.

 Reminders about Performance Review Ratings

  • Do remember to focus on performance over the entire review period.
  • Performance criteria and expectations used to justify ratings must be aligned with the employee’s job classification.

  • Reserve the "Outstanding" rating for employee effort involving both an extraordinary circumstance and extraordinary performance.

  • Remember to provide specific examples to support ratings.

  • Please reference the attached ETA Expanded Ratings description for clarification on rating criteria and application.

  • Please include a standard statement that recognizes employees who serve as Work Activity Lead or Lab Safety Lead.

Recognition of Safety Roles:

Please include either or both of the two standards statements as appropriate:
  1. “Served as Work Activity Lead to manage assigned Work Activities in the Activity Manager system including determining, maintaining and communicating appropriate On the Job Training (OJT) required for assigned workers;” and/or
  2. “Served as Lab Safety Lead to ensure that day-to-day work activities in assigned technical work area location(s) were conducted safely and within established procedures and controls, and that concerns were communicated as needed.”  
Lastly, please note that once you begin drafting the performance review document, the employee will lose the ability to modify and view their self-assessment.  For your convenience, the link to the performance review site is:

The performance review process is a significant effort.  Your cooperation in adhering to the deadline is important to ensuring adequate time for division and area management reviews.  If you have any questions, please contact Leticia Ericson, ext. 7649.  For questions related to the ETA PMP website, please contact Laura Wong at

Thank you very much for your efforts.

Mary Sidney
Deputy for Operations
Energy Technologies Area

PMP Formatting Issue in Form Section 6b.

Posted: June 22, 2018

ETA Division Supervisors,

There is an issue in the supervisor section, 6b - Diversity and Inclusion of the PMP form (non-represented).  

The color of text defaults to white and can not be seen. You will need to put your cursor in the 6b response box and change the text color to black so your narrative response can be seen in that section.

All other sections of form are fine.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your attention to the matter.



Reminder: Self-Assessments Due Monday, June 20

Posted: June 8, 2018

Dear ETA Employees:

This Wednesday, June 20 is the deadline for employee self-assessments as part of the annual Performance Management Process (PMP).  Some of you have already submitted your self-assessment; however many have not.  Please be reminded that these documents are critical to the PMP process, which in turn supports our annual salary management process. This is your opportunity to help your supervisor document your important contributions over the past year.

Note that self-assessments for are required for non-represented employees, and highly recommended but not required for represented employees.  If you have questions about your eligibility for participation in the self-assessment/PMP process, you can find detailed information on the ETA Performance Review Guidance site.To access and submit your self-assessment:

  1. Go to the performance review website,
  2. Click the "Finalize Now" button below your Self Assessment icon.
  3. Wait for an on-screen confirmation that the submission is successful

The form must be completed online.  If you download the form and work offline, your completed form cannot be uploaded.

If you have questions or encounter any technical problems, please contact Laura Wong at, or ext. 4435.

Thank you very much.

Mary Sidney

ETA Seminar: Writing Your PMP Self Assessment 2018, Best Practices and Process

Posted: May 9, 2018

You're invited to attend this Energy Technologies Area (ETA) seminar.

TITLE: Writing Your PMP Self Assessment 2018, Best Practices and Process

SPEAKERS: Leticia Ericson, Senior HR Division Partner

LOCATION: 90-3122, LBNL, Berkeley, CA

DATE & TIME: 2 dates:

  • Wednesday, May 10th, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm 70A-3377
  • Thursday, May 11, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm 90-3122

ABSTRACT: Annual Performance Review Season is Here!

Performance self-Assessments are due in mid-June.

At this brown-bag session we will discuss:

  • Preview the updated self -General Assessment drafting tips
  • The PMP (non-represented), PRD (union represented) and the new Post Doc evaluation process

This is your opportunity to present your thoughts on your FY18 performance, project contributions and career-related accomplishments.

Learn best practices on articulating the impact of your contributions to your department, division, or the Laboratory as a whole.

Guidance will be provided on how to effectively collaborate with your supervisor in setting career goals, and in fostering development opportunities.


Leticia's broad HR experience spans a variety of private industries, including hospitality, research, and manufacturing, where she has served in HR manager/business partner roles to develop and deliver full-cycle HR services and support. She has a Master's degree in English from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and is a Senior Certified Professional with the Society for Human Resource Management.


Join via web: Zoom Meeting ID 911363264

Zoom will automatically prompt you to use your computer audio. If you choose to use your phone for audio please dial: (408) 638-0968 (west coast) or (646) 558-8656 (east coast) Meeting ID: 911363264

International callers: Please visit this website to see if there is a number available for your location.

First time Zoom user? Download the Zoom meeting client in advance of the seminar.

More information about all ETA Seminars is available here.

Thank you!

The ETA Seminar Team

2018 Performance Management Process

Posted: May 4, 2018

Dear ETA Colleagues,

With the attached memorandum we initiate our 2018 annual performance review process.  All career and term employees hired before April 1, 2018 are eligible (this would include any reclassifications into Career/Term appointment). 


Most non-represented scientific, technical, professional and other staff will participate in the Lab's Performance Management Process (PMP).  All represented staff (primarily Research Associates and Administrative Assistants) will be reviewed using performance review and development (PRD) process and forms.  Please note that those living outside of California are non-represented and therefore their reviews will default to the PMP form.  Beginning this year, LBNL Postdoctoral Scholars will also receive a performance review.

Please review the guidance carefully and note that Key Dates apply to the Area Office schedule. You will need to check with your division for division-specific deadlines.

We all share the responsibility to foster excellent performance focused on discovery, innovation and operational efficiencies that contribute toward ETA's and the Laboratory's missions.  We look forward to participating in this process and hope that you find it helpful to your career development.

Best regards,

Ramamoorthy Ramesh


ETA Process Owner: Laura Wong, 486-4435

Sr. HR Division Partner: Leticia Ericson, 486-7649

HR Division Partner: Didem Panfalone, 486-5279

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