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ChampionNigel Mouncey
SponserNigel Mouncey, Ray Turner
Team MembersMiichael Barton, Chris Daum, Kecia Duffy, Nancy Hammon, Lisa Kegg, Christine Naca, Rex Malmstrom, Steve Wilson

Business Case

 By improving and making more reliable and reproducible work processes, we will be able to give more time and resources to do more high-impact science across JGI and deliver a better User experience.

Project Statement

What are your customer's requirements for the process and what is the best way to measure process performance for this process management system?

Objective Statement

  • identify, lead and conduct efficiency improvement projects across all areas of JGI that result in faster processes, reduced waste and cost savings
  • Introduce and employ Six Sigma methodology and tools to drive the efficiency improvement projects


Project Scope

This team will be responsible for identifying and leading projects in all areas of the JGI business where they can improve efficiency and reduce cost.

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