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  • Dry run of the slides to be presented at the All Hands meeting next Weds

Discussion items

10 minKirsten's sectionMike Barton
10 minBill section

William (Bill) B Andreopoulos


  • Simplify graphics to bring out the major points
  • Add a slide to include where do we go
  • Add quotes in separate slides
10 minSection on getting data at the JGI - Simona will presentKecia M Duffy will stand in
  • add a slide that reflects the data from the survey related
  • include some more quotes from the survey to demonstrate that this came out as an important issue

Action items

  • Kjiersten Meri Fagnan - needs to add what her slides will contain. Decide on the final slide content (lessons learned, one point from each).
  • Simona F Necula  - decide on final slide content. Include quotes. Where we are today & how to get there: make the points more objective based on the survey results, rather than opinions.
  • William (Bill) B Andreopoulos will create a few slides for Kjiersten with stats from survey