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Laboratory Ergonomics Product




Double Bin Storage SV-7014

Turntable NU-977-001


Flip-top Lids
Slide Resistant Rubber Feet
Each Bin: 6" x 5" x 6"

100% Stainless Steel
Easily Cleaned and Sterilized
12" Diameter
Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Design

For Storing Microtubes, Pipet Tips or any Bulk Items
Angled openings. Various styles available.

Stainless steel rotating table brings work closer to the user to decrease reaching and allows more efficient use of space. Can be used in biosafety cabinets.

ML9970 Deluxe Rotating Organizers
ML2117 Medium Step Shelf


14"L x 13.5"W x 12.5"H
Easy fingertip rotation for quick access to supplies
Extra large capacity within a small 1 square foot footprint
Built-in dispensers and compartments fit a wide variety of office and lab supplies
Constructed of durable PVC
18"L x 6"W x 10"H
Utilizes vertical space
Designed to fit over gas and water outlets or other protrusions
Cords and wire fit through space at lower back

Turntable organizer can be used in corners or shared workstations to reduce reach and optimize storage. Various styles available

Instant Step Shelves make use of vertical space, and keep items up and out of the way on wet surfaces.

Ergo Plate Stand
Item # MPC-4393Y

Positions plate and tube on adjustable (height and angle) platform

May improve hand and neck posture.

Diversified Biotech-Well Plate Stands
Well Stands
Various options available.
Diversified Biotech
fax: 781-326-5611
Diversified Biotech

Adjusts the angle of a plate




May improve hand and neck posture