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Laboratory Ergonomics Product




Thermo-Pellets 1 # NC32511 for custom handles


1 and 3 pound packages

Low-temperature thermoplastic pellets mold together quickly and easily to adapt handles, splints and equipment. The pellets can be used to build up handles. When heated to 140 degrees F (60 degree C), pellets soften quickly and can be formed into a mass that can be molded and remolded as needed. Heat in water, on a heating plate or in a microwave oven. The thermoplastic will stick to most porous surfaces.

Precision hand tools with foam/molded grips


Multiple styles of precision hand tools
Foam grips

Molded and foam grips for precision hand tools manufactured by Excelta. Other tool modifications available with bulk orders.

Use for peeling foil seals as well as removing small pieces of foil that may have fallen into plate wells. . Used throughout Sanger.

Low Force Forceps


5 ½" low force forceps
7" low force forceps

Reduces force required to hold specimens in forceps while processing.

Dumont Medical Tweezers with Clamping Ring


Variety of sizes
Clamping ring to lock in closed position

The clamping ring eliminates the need to apply constant finger pressure for gripping.

Negative-Action Style Tweezers (Self-Closing)


Variety of sizes
Default position is closed rather than open

Negative-Action Style Tweezers (Self-Closing) eliminate the need to apply constant finger pressure for gripping.