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Contract ClauseDescriptionImplementation Crosswalk

Section H - Special Contract Requirements/Cl. H.7 Privacy Act Records

Identifies certain Systems of Records (SOR) subject to the Privacy Act to be maintained by Berkeley Lab.H.7 Implementation
I.67 Privacy Act Notification (Apr 1984) (Prev. I.31) (FAR 52.224-1)Identifies requirements related to Privacy Act compliance, workforce training, and subcontractor requirements.

Section I Implementation

I.68 Privacy Act (Apr 1984) (Prev. I.32) (FAR 52.224-2)
I.69 Privacy Training (Jan 2017) (PREV. I.163) (FAR 52.224-3)
I.108 Computer Security (AUG 2006) (PREV. I.124) (DEAR 952.204-77)

I.124 Access to and Ownership of Records (OCT 2014)
(DEVIATION PER POLICY FLASH 2015-23) (PREV. I.80) (DEAR 970.5204-3)

Describes the approach for ownership and access of records created in the context of executing the Prime Contract.


Effective Date



1450.4 Consensual Listening-In to or Recording Telephone/Radio Conversations


Recording of phone conversations is prohibited.

Reflected in RPM

414.1C as included in the EHS Standards Set Nov 2008.

Nov 2008

Requires that an overall quality management approach apply to all activities at the Laboratory, and that specific requirements apply to Safety Software.

Implemented in the OQMP.



Stipulates no expectation of Privacy in use of DOE systems.

Modified by P clause.  See details here.

Clause H.48 Common Security Configurations in Information Technology Acquisitions

Added via Mod M249 to C31.

Requires use of common security configurations in IT procurements to the extent stipulated in our implementation plan.

Modified by SC direction.  See details here.

Clause H.7 Privacy Act Records

C31 (always)

Stipulates which records are covered by the Privacy Act.

Details about implementation of Privacy Act at LBL are here.

Clause H.31 IPv6July 2011Stipulates where the contractor must flow down IPv6 compatibility in acquiring IT.Implementation detailed in Procurement Guidance on Flowing Down IPV6.