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A common practice for vulnerability disclosure programs is to offer rewards (bounties) for the responsible disclosure of a vulnerabilityReporters will not receive payment for submitting vulnerabilities and that by submitting, reporters waive any claims to compensation. At the minimum at this time, we would like to recognize contributions of those participating in White Hats for Science program for helping ensure that scientists at the Lab have a secure environment to conduct research.


2024-06-11: Thank you Aryawardhan Singh and Manan Patel for responsibly disclosing and keeping science safe for the lab.
2024-04-15: Thank you Ashish Rai for responsible responsibly disclosing and keeping science safe for the lab. 
2024-02-28: Thank Ariel Rachamim and Omri Inbar for responsibly disclosing and keeping science safe for the lab.
2024-01-30: Thank you Aryawardhan Singh for your continued help rooting out misconfigurations.
2024-01-29: Thank you again to Aryawardhan Singh for their help identifying misconfigured websites.
2024-01-26: Much appreciation to Aryawardhan Singh for identifying misconfigured repositories.

2024-01-16: Thank you to Saied Khater!  For responsibly disclosing and keeping science safe in the lab.
2023-10-24: Kudos and thank you to Jaleel Hasan for helping to ensure LBL documentation has appropriate visibility settings.
2023-09-01: Thank you Charan Akiri for protecting science by responsibly reporting information leakage.
2023-07-26: Many thanks to Jayson Zabate - THEOS Cyber Solutions for keeping an eye out for potential issues!
2022-05-24: A big thank you to Daniel Rhea for responsible reporting and helping science to stay safe!