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Medical Clearance (60 days or more in country)

HQ Travelers on TDY assignments of 60 days or more must obtain a medical clearance from the Department of State via the DOE Health Facility. Point of contact for the DOE Health facility is Mary Lein, 6-9765.

Laboratory/Field Travelers should contact the Department of State (DOE) directly. The general phone number for Medical Clearance is 703-875-5411. A completed form DS-1843 is required. Personal demographics for each traveler must be provided to DOS Medical Records at 703-875-4842 before medical staff will review form DS-1843. Once the traveler's personal data has been entered into their system, the review/clearance process will begin.

To expedite medical clearance process, submit scanned DS-1843 to:

Attached is a fax cover sheet/checklist for medical packets that are faxed. The fax number for Medical Clearance is 703-875-4850.

Please see attachments

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