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Russian Travel Advisory July 2010

On 27 June 2010, the FBI arrested ten individuals for allegedly carrying
out long-term, "deep-cover" assignments in the United States on behalf
of the Russian Federation and charged with conspiring to act as unlawful
agents of the Russian Federation within the United States. Nine of the
defendants are also charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering.
This is continuing to play out in the US judicial system with attention
from the world press.

While these arrests have no direct connection to DOE, they do have
possible implications for DOE personnel in Moscow and our
official/non-official travelers. Historically, after FBI arrests or
expulsions of Russian intelligence personnel, the Russian government has
often reciprocated with the arrests or expulsions of US persons from
Russia. The current concern is that Moscow might retaliate by
conducting arrests of US diplomats or "suspected" intelligence officers
who could then be used in a swap for the 10 people arrested by the FBI.
DOE personnel with non-diplomatic passports could be especially
vulnerable to such retaliation since they could be portrayed by Moscow
as "illegals" conducting intelligence operations in Russia. This being
said, there is NO concrete indication that Russia intends to

Please report any upcoming official or non-official travel to Russia to
the DOE/NNSA Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. Our
Lawrence Berkeley Field Office will coordinate with them to conduct
pre-travel security briefings and post-travel debriefings to mitigate
the risk as appropriate. If you have any questions, please contact us at
any time.

The Lawrence Berkeley Field Office can be reached at
<> . Or phone numbers are 925-423-9872 and

In Moscow, travelers can obtain assistance 24hrs a day by contacting the
US Embassy Marine Security Guard (MSG) Post One at 728-5600. The
Embassy switchboard can be reached at 728-5000. The Regional Security
Officer (RSO) is Kurt Rice at 728-5168. The Country/City Code for
Moscow is 7-495.

As always, be safe out there!

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